Saturday, January 2, 2016


My favourite mini-projects can be found here:

Flipped Classroom with Textwall

The future of VLEs


IT T Teacher said...

Hi Lilian, Flipped Classroom with Textwall reads a little too promotional - are there any limitations of Textwall in this context? Strayer's model of flipped classroom is like a homework discussion session, riven with challenges, not least with the students' maturity and willingness to apply themselves outside class. How might Textwall address this? Great piece though, well done.

lilian said...

Hi IT T Teacher, Thanks for your comments. All tech is riven with challenges, I agree, and that would have been the second 500 words I would have written ;-)
Unfortunately the limited word count prevented me from laying into my own invention. But never fear, there is plenty of opportunity for more critical analysis in the action research project where I have taken your feedback into consideration and tried really hard to ensure that it is the teacher's voice that will be heard, warts and all.
Look forward to further dialogue :-)