Monday, September 27, 2010

Ifl and RSS feeds for portfolio evidence

Just preparing for the Molenet conference on Wednesday. I was going to run a session on RSS feeds and using them, but am now running a joint session with Dave Sugden on m-assessment. RSS feeds still come into it and it's a good opportunity to show people how items from our tweets, flickr photos etc can become part and parcel of m-assessment.
What's brilliant about this is that reflection and inspired thoughts can be easily captured with twitter, ustream, ipadio etc. You can pull these into systems like Ifl's Reflect and MKM's Learning Slate (being packaged as My Showcase and map to competency statements, action plans etc. This is a nicely organic way of recording evidence. The evidence is much more naturally formed and more likely to show ability than a learner sitting down and filling in a form field about how they have fulfilled the requirements of a competency statement.
We'll see what people say about the ideas on Wednesday!

Oh, and just for the record, this is how you add an RSS feed into your assets in Ifl's Reflect:

In Reflect, click on Tools > Manage Assets and scroll to the bottom. Click on Import from RSS feed and you can check and uncheck certain options from there. You can even filter the items that you want to import.

Once imported, each post, tweet, video or audio becomes an asset that you can link to your portfolio. Watch the screencast to see how to do this: