Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Subscribing and reading RSS feeds

Those of us who use RSS feeds sometimes take it for granted that students or teachers know how to subscribe to feeds and read them. I recently had a request to create a handout on how to do this for the textwall but the instructions will work for any RSS feed so here is the handout.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creating a Google Presentation

This is pretty straightforward to set up, like Google Forms. A Google Presentation with the right settings allows learners to type into the slides at the same time as other learners.
One idea for this technique is to ask learners to type a question they may have on the topic. You can then run through the questions as a slideshow and answer each one in turn. I've used this with groups where each person has added a reflection to one slide. Although you can ask people to do this in various other ways, there is something about showing everyone their responses one at a time in large text that engages the audience.
Download a simple handout on how to set up a Google Presentation here: pdf handout
For more ideas on how to use Google Presentation see my previous blog post on the subject: