Sunday, April 22, 2012

Safari Reader

If u have an iPhone/iPad, and you are browsing the web on Safari, click on Reader in the address bar and see what happens :-) Not all sites are accessible though.

The Reader button extracts the main content into a text only version, with the ability to enlarge the font size further. This really helps if you are reading a cluttered website on your phone browser and you are finding the font too small, or you zoom in and find you have to keep scrolling horizontally because the text doesn't reflow. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Touchscreen gadgets

Just back from Singapore where the proportion of iPhone users is way above the norm in the UK (status symbol more likely than user-interface being the reason for this).
And there were many people walking around having phone conversations on their Samsung Galaxy Tabs. These look way too big to be held up against your ear, lol. Looked like a comedy phone.
However, some of my friends prefer the large screen for easier reading. Another friend had the font size on her iphone messages so large I'm sure someone could read them across the room ;-)
I must confess I now take pictures of text if it's too small and zoom in on the iPhone to read it!
One downside to all this great resolution or screen size is the way the battery drains within a day, sometimes not even lasting a day.
Maybe they can have an OS that switches to monochromatic basic texting function only to help people stay in touch when the batteries are nearly drained...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seth Godwin's manifesto - Stop Stealing Dreams

I've been reading Seth Godwin's manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams, and it makes me want to send it to every educator in the country. His ideas and examples are set in America but for any country wanting to develop young people for THEIR lives and THEIR world, it's a vital read. Why are we still running a school system developed for another era?