Saturday, November 10, 2007

Samsung Q1ultra

I've finally received my Samsung Q1ultra! Unpacked it last night. First thoughts - heavy for typing or writing on the go. It's easier to use it sat down; this might have a bearing on what device you choose. Unlike a tablet that you would normal hold like a clipboard, the Q1ultra is smaller so all the weight ends up on your wrist.
Handwriting recognition is fantastic, so for note-taking, it's really easy. I've also bought a rubbery usb keyboard to attach when needed.
I love the fact that there's a webcam (facing you) as well as a camera lens facing away for taking pictures and videos. Great for webconferencing, easy to capture evidence and then to insert the picture in a Word document or other form.
There's a software that allows easy transfer to files between the umpc and a pc using a usb cable. Not activesync, more like two Windows Explorers on one screen. As you know, you can't just attach two pcs together with a usb cable and transfer documents!
Apart from that, the rest is just like a normal pc, so this has some advantage for students who may need access to a pc and wouldn't otherwise have it for working on assignments/ filling in forms etc.
The voice recorder that comes with it records wma or wav. Duh! When will they put in voice recording that records to mp3 by default???? However, being a PC, there's plenty of free recording software that you can load on to it compared to a pda, where you have to pay for a license for Vito audio notes or something similar.
My pda phone with its push email has been part of my everyday life for two years now. I can see the Q1ultra complementing it very well!

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Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of UMPCs!

Q1 Ultra is a good choice.