Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overcome mp3 filters

Quick blog: I tried sending an mp3 file to some colleagues in colleges recently and in some instances, the email was blocked due to mp3s being filtered.
So I put the file into Movie Maker, stuck on a picture and saved it as a wmv.
This was received without a hitch. Hmmm...

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James Clay said...

A lot of institutions block mp3 files because (obviously) ALL mp3 files are illegal music files.

Again a global block stops you doing your job and creates extra work.

Also as you have found convert the file into another format and it gets past the filters.

Even simpler change the extension and then the recipient at the other end changes it back again! This will also get past the filters.

Rather then change the file I always send an e-mail to the Network administrator in the college cc'd to the Principal.