Friday, June 27, 2008

Channels on Jaiku

Set up a channel for the first time in Jaiku yesterday. Did this for Techdis, so if you use Jaiku and want to follow the news from Techdis, join the channel by starting a post with #techdis.

To start your own channel, you click on the channels tab at the top of the Jaiku page.

Some ideas for using channels:
Say you're a tutor and you have 3 classes that you want to use Jaiku with. Rather than having all the students as your contacts, and no way to differentiate between them, start 3 channels, say #classA, #classB, #classC. Tell your learners to get a Jaiku account and post to #classA for instance, to join that class.

On your own page, starting a post with #classA means that only the members in #classA will get notified of that post. (All your contacts will as well) A post starting #classB will only notify those who are members in #classB etc.

Maybe someone can try this feature out and let us know how they get on with it from September?

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