Monday, March 2, 2009

Making jpeg quizzes

For some reason, I made these videos and never blogged about them. Luckily, Dave Foord has so it saves me having to say anymore:

A tutor came across Dave's blog and ran with the idea to produce a set of 92 quiz cards. Superb!

Hope to gather more resources like this in future.

Regarding transfer of these files to a learner's mobile phone:

1. If the phone has a memory card, this is easily done through a usb memory card reader.

2. The learner may have a cable to attach the phone to a PC for file transfers

3. Bluetooth is a possibility but it would take a while to move 92 cards across, unless the phone is paired via Bluetooth with the computer.

4. If the phone has a data contract, then downloading the cards is a possibility, or even viewing them online.

With regards to doing the same thing using PowerPoint, as Dave Foord has pointed out, you have to rename the first 9 slides as slide01 (zero one) to slide09. My only worry is that people try to cram too much into a slide and so it won't work on a small screen. The beauty of Paint is that it's clunky and that keeps things in perspective, enabling the creation of jpeg quizzes that work on a small screen! If using PowerPoint, remember to change the size of the slide to better suit the portrait format of most phones. Not crucial since the learner can just turn their phone on its side, but navigation is sometimes easier when the phone is the right way up!


Patricia said...

Hi Lilian. Thanks for the plug! (Actually, I'm not a tutor. I'm a teacher and love the sound of that word.) Since my initial posting, my classes have requested even more cards. I made some (a lot!) on the irregular forms of past tense verbs. This time I experimented with using PowerPoint and it worked well. Using PowerPoint allowed me to then put the quiz on Slideshare so that those without mobile devices could get the same practice. Thanks for your great ideas, Lilian.

Patricia said...

Hi! I'm back again and this time I used PowerPoint to make the cards. I like this way because with PowerPoint, I can then put the cards on Slideshare so that students without iPods or Mobile phones can access them. You can see my post on this at Lilian, thanks for getting me started on this! Patricia