Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flash quiz on PSP - myth or reality?

I think I'm hunting down the Holy Grail here: you would have thought by now, that somewhere out there, someone would have created an online site that allows you to create a multiple choice quiz for the PSP. After all, there's web sites to do almost anything these days! But no, seems I've hit on the one gap and the question is, is there a market for it?
I guess if I can get enough colleges/schools interested, then I'd get it commissioned. Not sure if the new MoLeSys tool will have the functionality to create a quiz for the PSP? Something else to ponder, but in the mean time, I'm stuck without a quiz on the PSP unless someone out there volunteers to save a damsel in distress...(ps my pc with my copy of Flash has gone to heaven, and I'm too Yorkshire to get a copy for my Mac...)

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