Tuesday, March 29, 2011


picture of lams screen

Many years ago, I was enamoured with LAMS. It had an intuitive interface and was the best mirror for how we might want to plan a lesson for an individual (or a class but having differentiated routes available)
I wonder if it's worth revisiting it? It can now integrate with Moodle!
I think the trigger for this was a discussion with Jacqui Smith of Selby College about ways to encourage her learners to be more analytical in their answers. She teachers Psychology. LAMS would provide a stepped approach that could coach a learner to adopt a deeper analysis and provide more sophisticated answers.



Dave Foord said...

LAMS is a great idea, but it does need to be properly supported by the organisation. I have worked with one organisaton that didn't get the technical support right and the LAMS server was constantly breaking, making it unusable by teaching staff.

Although it doesn't have the graphical interface of LAMS (which is rather good) - the lesson tool in Moodle offers the same ability to create differentiated learning, through having different pathways, and this is where I am turning my attentions.

lilian said...

Good point, Dave. I've also read that Moodle 2.0 has conditional pathways and this might go some way towards having the functionality without having to maintain a separate service.