Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enhanced podcasts

This has been niggling me for a while now, but at last I have some answers thanks to the brilliant Twitter community coming to my rescue.

Despite attending an event where I was shown how to create an enhanced podcast and watching Di Dawson's moletv video on it, I still couldn't get the podcast from Garageband into the podcast section of iTunes. I can understand why (podcasts need an rss feed), but I think my tutors have skipped a few vital steps and the missing links have puzzled me for months!

Basically, I thought that using Garageband to create an enhanced 'podcast' would mean that I could do it all offline - without getting RSS involved. Unfortunately, the file just won't play as an enhanced podcast on my iPhone - I only get the audio channel. The mystery of how to get pictures playing as well has remained a mystery until today (when I should have been working on another project, but that's life for you...)

See my other blog post

And here's the answer:

Thanks very much to @mrmackenzie and @damoward for their help!

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