Monday, March 1, 2010

Some interesting Web 2.0 tools, Flips and PSPs

I've gathered some PDAs together 'oop north' and have learned quite a few interesting things from them which I am just going to drop into this blog post:

1. @juecov has shown me which is also available as an iPhone app. Seems to me this might make a good mini-reflective blog if used on projects. We've often suggested that Twitter could be used like this, but memiary can keep things private and the fact that it prompts you to think of 5 things is a nice way to encourage reflective practice.

2. @GraemeBoxwell has given us a whirl on, (create great talking heads), (create timelines with your imported media) and (create a movie with characters simply by adding text). And for a laugh,

We've looked at recording videos with the PSP and @juecov has changed her order of Flip cameras to PSPs instead as a result of seeing them today. Watching me struggle with the buttons didn't put her off! I had to call up the manual to remind myself how to play back a video we had recorded. I guess I just don't use one often enough.

The two other PDAs are making a start at recording their case studies using a dictaphone and Flip camera, but will then use Prezi or Voicethread to present the case study. The advantage of using Voicethread for this is that the PDAs can continue to reflect on their progress and encourage their staff to add to it as well, even after the case study has been posted up to the online learning space.

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